Dr. Shneiderman receives SSHRC grant to study Nepal’s post-earthquake reconstruction

(Read the full press release here)

University of British Columbia Professor Sara Shneiderman has been awarded a three-year Partnership Development Grant from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) to assemble an international network of scholars, academic institutions, and non-profit organizations that are currently engaged with Nepal’s reconstruction after its devastating 2015 earthquakes. The partnership aims to build research capacity in Canada and Nepal in order to investigate and improve post-disaster reconstruction in mountainous regions, especially in contexts of ongoing political transformation.

The interdisciplinary team includes co-investigators Professor Katharine Rankin (Geography, University of Toronto) and Professor Philippe Le Billon (Geography and School of Public Policy & Global Affairs, UBC), along with over a dozen collaborators from Canada, Nepal, Denmark and the U.S. from diverse fields including anthropology, art history, economics, engineering, geography, law, political science, and religious studies. Professor Shneiderman, the principal investigator, is based jointly in UBC’s Department of Anthropology, and School of Public Policy and Global Affairs/Institute of Asian Research, and is a Peter Wall Scholar.

The project’s name is: Expertise, Labour, and Mobility in Nepal’s Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction: Construction, Finance and Law as Domains of Social Transformation.

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