Partnership to receive additional grant

The partnership team has recently been awarded a SSHRC Explore Grant – Faculty of Arts Research from the University of British Columbia.

The additional funds will be used to fund the project entitled ‘Nepal’s Post-Earthquake Reconstruction Outcomes: A Quantitative Survey’ in conjunction with the original SSHRC Partnership Development grant: ‘Expertise, Labour and Mobility in Nepal’s Post-Conflict, Post-Disaster Reconstruction’.

Led by Dr. Ratna Shrestha (UBC Vancouver’s School of Economics), Dr. Jeevan Baniya (Social Science Baha), with support from Sampada KC (University of Warwick, Economics), this work will entail the hiring of additional researchers under the auspices of Social Science Baha to implement a quantitative survey during the second phase of fieldwork currently underway. The findings will be used in conjunction with the qualitative field methods to enhance understandings of Nepal’s ongoing reconstruction in earthquake-affected areas.

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